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Michelle CarpenterMichelle Carpenter

I have to say Duane Buziak was awesome! I am so glad I had the great pleasure of working with him. Duane made the process of buying a house less stressful and overwhelming. Duane was always there for any questions or concerns. Great communication! Very quick response times.. That was a plus 🙂 Very knowledgeable and patient guy whose always working to make sure he is available for you at all times. Always willing to go that extra mile for you. Thank you Duane for everything.

Juan PerezJuan Perez

It was an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Duane Buziak as a first-time home buyer. Communication and exceptional service were at their peak. The process of purchasing a property was made simple and enjoyable by Duane. He made everything simple for my wife and me and was available at all times. We were happy to have Duane on our side because it may be difficult to locate trustworthy individuals in this industry. I'm quite happy with his professionalism.

Gretta BeasleyGretta Beasley

Duane is an exceptional person to work with. He is very attentive and addressed any questions or concerns. This guy literally works day and night and gave me the best outcome I could’ve ever hoped for. I would suggest him to anyone.

Madison KimMadison Kim

I had a wonderful experience working with Duane on getting a loan for purchasing my first home! He worked around the clock to make sure I was getting the best deals possible and to make sure the process went smoothly for me. Duane is very proactive about getting tasks done in an efficient and quick manner. I would recommend him to anyone needing to get a loan as he is someone you can trust and he will have your back throughout the entire process. I was able to tell he really cares about me as his client and wanted the best for me.

Timothy GrossTimothy Gross

Duane was the first person to reach out to me when I first started looking for loan information when buying my first house. From the first call I knew he was extremely knowledgeable and connected with the right people to make home-buying an efficient process. He walked me through all the details, how things worked, and explained it to me so well. On top of that, he was friendly and made me feel like I was talking to a buddy, rather than a salesperson. Highly recommend Duane to all going through the loan process, ESPECIALLY new home-buyers like me who are less than familiar with how it all works.

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