Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or you’ve done this a few times, the key to getting the ideal home loan for your needs lies in finding the right Virginia home loan lender. You want a lender that can give you a good rate and the right terms to suit your unique circumstances. To start, you’ll need to find a mortgage broker that knows what to look for and who can help you compare and contrast loans and take the guesswork out of lending.

Here’s how using an expert mortgage broker can lead you to the exact right mortgage lender for your new home.

3 Ways Brokers Make it Easier to Find the Right Lender

Virginia Home Loan Lender

1. They help you assess your financial situation.

Part of knowing which loan is right for you is knowing how much you can afford to borrow. A broker can help you understand this figure by gathering the pertinent information and using it to get a clear picture of your finances. This is especially helpful if you’re a first time buyer or unfamiliar with the home loan process in general.

2. They offer connections and local expertise.

A good broker will be familiar with all of the lenders in your area and know exactly what types of loans each one offers. You won’t have to worry about researching each institution to find out who welcomes or avoids certain types of loans (VA loans, FHA loans, Conventional loans, etc.,).

3. They save you time by shopping around.

Instead of approaching institutions one by one to determine which one has the best rate and most favorable terms, a broker can take your financial info and communicate with the lenders on your behalf. This gets you the most rates to compare and saves you the hassle (and hits on your credit!) of meeting with each lender individually.

What Sets Duane Apart from Other Brokers Who Find the Right Virginia Home Loan Lender for You?

So, finding a reputable broker is a wise choice for any first time home buyer, or home buyer new to the area. But what makes a great broker? Here are a few reasons Duane Buziak (aka The Mortgage Maestro) stands apart from the others:

  • 24/7 access for his clients – Duane is always available for your questions, concerns, deadlines and closing dates.
  • Soft touch credit checks – he’s able to get your credit info WITHOUT hitting your score.
  • Local expertise – he knows all the names you’ve heard of and also the ones you haven’t–a crucial part of getting more loan offers & rates to choose from.
  • $100 best rate guarantee – if he can’t beat the rate you’ve found, he’ll give you $100–that’s how confident he is in his process!

If you’re in pursuit of a home in the beautiful state of Virginia, your journey to find the perfect VA home loan lender near you begins with Duane Buziak at Coast2Coast Lending. Duane Buziak isn’t just a mortgage broker; he’s your guide.

Whether you’re a long-time Virginian or new to the state, Duane’s commitment to making your home dreams a reality is unparalleled. He’s dedicated to orchestrating the perfect home loan solution for you. Contact Duane, and let your Virginia homeownership journey begin on the right note.

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